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Terms & Conditions

1.Site Commence


Afraks Multi Media cannot guarantee the start of any or all work on a site immediately unless all steps are taken on both parties.




AMM will not be liable for any loss, revenue, profits, of data which is related to the use of your site created by AMM.

It is up to the client to use that the site for what or how they wish however, AMM will not be liable for it’s use but legally or illegally, wherever they are located.  




Please to take note that, under no circumstances will AMM tolerant and bad use of language. Clients must always be polite when communication with AMM.


4.Payments, Cancellations & Refunds


All web sites done by AMM require 50% deposit and it non-refundable.


If for any reasons, a client wishes to cancel a website booking, they will not be refunded any monies paid, unless the client wishes to extend the web site project.


All payments must be made within 14 working days after the completion of the website. If clients do not pay the remaining amount, AMM will have the right to suspend clients site or account until the full payment is made and cleared.


5. Delays


FWSD  will charge clients £40 extra for delaying payments.


6. Extra Fee


Clients must agree to pay for the site’s domain and hosting after 8 weeks after the completion and lunching of the site.


7. Hosting


All web sites designed by  AMM must be hosted by  AMM. Clients cannot change to any other hosting company and will also not have right to FTR Files.


8. Copy rights


Clients are to make sure that, they have or own the copy rights of every text, photos and graphics or any other elements sent to AMM to create their site. AMM  will not be liable for any lawsuits for any copy rights.


All web site is required to have a AMM designed credit link. Clients are to permitted to remove the AMM link. Agreement can be made to remove the link by making a payment of £195 to AMM.


9. Search Engine Ranking


 It is solely the responsibility of the clients to provide all text and titles and this includes, Meta and Tags throughout the sites in order to make sure your site gets the type of ranking you need.

(B) AMM does not guarantee any of your site ranking, however AMM will make any relevant effort to use the appropriate titles and tags and text to optimise your site.


10. Abuse Of Content  


AMM is only liable for the technical development and design of the client’s website. You the clients must full responsibility of sending the right and appropriate materials and content for the design of your website.

All clients must agree not to send any false, fake, abusive or any  other offensive materials, which could be of an invasion of any person or privacy or in  violation of any organisation, law in any city , country or where ever they are based.


11. Responsibility & Correction

Clients are to notify AMM of any errors or editing that needs to be made before lunching of their site.